The Sunflower Theives


Next to virtuous young maidens, there is nothing a unicorn likes better than sunflower seeds. Actually, to be truthful, maidens probably come in second – third perhaps, if you take cantaloupes into account. But nobody writes stories about that sort of thing.

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The Pond


Kelpies, if you’re not nerdy enough to know already, are mythical creatures in Celtic folk tales. They appear as white or black horses at the edge of rivers and ponds to lure unsuspecting folk into riding them (a genius move, really – I know there’s no way I’d turn down a free pony ride). Once their victim has touched them, however, their skin becomes viscous and the victim is stuck fast – they’re whisked into the deep to be either eaten, or – in some tales – married (yeah, I dunno about that one either. Probably a metaphor.)

As for my part in the tale – I enjoy painting pale, white, strangely elongated horses in shallow water. It’s just something I do.

Chilly Day Sketches

lionsketchLions and lambs and unicorns, oh my. I’m still trying to patiently wait out the chill, and noodling on a few more illustrations while I do. I’ve been wanting to paint a lion lately – and I’ve mentioned my itch to draw unicorns in the winter. Now that I think about it, maybe I ought to paint a picture of the two of them fighting for the crown.






Marabelle, a clever girl, loved to take the stage,

Though her talents, true, were lacking, even for her age,

She couldn’t dance or sing or act in any kind of way,

And owned a dozen instruments she couldn’t really play,

(which never did deter her, to the townsfolk’s deep dismay)

She’d put up flowers in her hair to look an elven queen,

And trained her ever faithful horse to play the tambourine

(he played it ill, but better still, than Marabelle could sing)

She’d set a hat out in the street, for all her faithful fans,

To shower her with gifts and coins to fund her future plans,

“One coin can buy an apple, and three can buy a bunch,

So when we’ve got enough to spend, we’ll stop and go to lunch!”

She sang to every passerby with such a timely riot,

They filled her hat right up just to buy some peace and quiet!

See, Marabelle, the clever girl, couldn’t dance or play,

But she had a knack for making her incompetencies pay.


Coming Attractions


tiger_thumbnails Sometimes (read ‘most of the time’) I find myself with more ideas than I have time to transcribe onto paper – and here with the lovely weather tearing me away from my indoor work and the holiday’s making it hard to get extra hours in anywhere, I find myself with a slew of ideas waiting in the wings. Slowly but surely these guys are working their way onto paper, but since it’ll be awhile before any of them make it into the world as finished pieces, I thought I’d put up the thumbnails to buy  some time. I actually really love thumbnails in their own right – they always have a certain vibrancy and life that never quite makes it unaltered to the final product. I guess it’s like any baby thing – it’s so cute when it’s little, you almost hate to see it grow up.rhinopangolin_thumbnailschristmascard_thumbnails


Gypsy: preliminary work

gypsy_sketch3 Ever since I saw the gypsy horses at the fair, I’ve been itching to paint one – I’ve also been itching to paint a more traditional medieval-fantasy-esque scene for awhile. Sometimes the old age-old cliches just really hit the spot, I guess. These are some of the preliminary sketches and studies I did before starting the final piece – hopefully the finished painting will be done soon. With the weather getting cold, I might be stuck indoors, so I should have lots of time for imaginative work (theoretically, at least.)