The Sunflower Theives


Next to virtuous young maidens, there is nothing a unicorn likes better than sunflower seeds. Actually, to be truthful, maidens probably come in second – third perhaps, if you take cantaloupes into account. But nobody writes stories about that sort of thing.

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dragon_sketchesI’ve had Chinese dragons on the brain lately. They’re great to sketch if you’re the type of person who loves sharp teeth and fancy eyebrows. I am precisely that type of person.


The Pond


Kelpies, if you’re not nerdy enough to know already, are mythical creatures in Celtic folk tales. They appear as white or black horses at the edge of rivers and ponds to lure unsuspecting folk into riding them (a genius move, really – I know there’s no way I’d turn down a free pony ride). Once their victim has touched them, however, their skin becomes viscous and the victim is stuck fast – they’re whisked into the deep to be either eaten, or – in some tales – married (yeah, I dunno about that one either. Probably a metaphor.)

As for my part in the tale – I enjoy painting pale, white, strangely elongated horses in shallow water. It’s just something I do.

Shepherdess Preliminaries

sheep_sketch3I little while ago I did a little painting of a shepherdess with colorful sheep in acrylic – I liked the concept but I wasn’t ever quite happy with the result. Now that I’ve had a little more practice, I’m going to give it a second shot – this time bigger and in oil – and with a lot more references to make sure the old lady actually looks like an old lady. These are a few of the sketches and thumbnails I’ve been doing to get my ideas threshed out. I’m actually getting excited to paint all that wool.



Another Day Another Doodle

doodle3A little doodling to get the imagination flowing – sometimes there are some decent ideas hidden in the random ramblings of my pencil. They’re like subconscious thoughts or dreams maybe, pointing to what I ought to be drawing.  So perhaps there’ll be more unicorns, dragons, ladies and cows in my future? One can only hope!

doodle2 doodles6doodle1doodles5


startledunicornsI’m not entirely sure why winter makes me want to draw unicorns, but it does. Maybe it’s the abundance of reindeer which puts my mind on springy, horned, cloven-hooved things. Or maybe it’s the wintery, grey landscape that tempts me to imagine mythical creatures roaming about. But whatever roads lead to unicorns must be good, so I won’t question them.


Dinner Guest

dinnerguestAs notorious as dragons may be for holding grudges, it’s to their credit that they are equally long-minded in their friendships. A dragon, once invited to Sunday supper, will remember it for generations to come – as much as you might wish he’d forget.