The Sunflower Theives


Next to virtuous young maidens, there is nothing a unicorn likes better than sunflower seeds. Actually, to be truthful, maidens probably come in second – third perhaps, if you take cantaloupes into account. But nobody writes stories about that sort of thing.

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The Pond


Kelpies, if you’re not nerdy enough to know already, are mythical creatures in Celtic folk tales. They appear as white or black horses at the edge of rivers and ponds to lure unsuspecting folk into riding them (a genius move, really – I know there’s no way I’d turn down a free pony ride). Once their victim has touched them, however, their skin becomes viscous and the victim is stuck fast – they’re whisked into the deep to be either eaten, or – in some tales – married (yeah, I dunno about that one either. Probably a metaphor.)

As for my part in the tale – I enjoy painting pale, white, strangely elongated horses in shallow water. It’s just something I do.