Watercolor Revival

Planning another trip this summer and since it’s going to involve airports and security scanners, I’m taking up my watercolors again. They’ve never been my favorite medium, but they sure are the most portable – and some people manage to make them so pretty. I’m determined to learn their secrets. I’ve heard tell of watercolorists scrubbing and lifting paint to get better effects – so I’ve been trying that, with mixed results. I like the flexibility it gives – it works better with my style of observational work (which is: paint first, regret not having put more thought into the composition later) – but its a little hard to control.

Now I’m considering trying some watercolor on a gessoed surface, next, to see if it helps with the lifting technique. Fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Watercolor Revival

  1. You have captured some nice light and feeling. Have you ever tried saturated wet on wet before? I first learned about it from watching a video (or two) of Sarah Yeoman’s. It allows a window of about 2 hours (depends on your environment) of painting almost non-stop. You are able to lift color and adjust as you go. It gives a soft appearance, once it is dry, you go in with brushwork and put in your calligraphy which gives it more bones and depth. The only thing is a must is some kind of surface so that you painting “sticks” to while it is wet. I use a plexi-glass, taping it down just doesn’t work in this case. Good luck! looking forward to what you paint while on your trip.

      1. It is great fun but it does take getting used to knowing how thick to use your paint and it is really cool because you feel like you are building your painting rather than brushing it on. Hard to explain but do check out her videos and there are other artists that work with this technique. Once you have tried it out a few times, it clicks on how to work with it.

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