The problem with eeny weeny sketchbooks is that I don’t like scanning all those tiny pages.

But the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, I suppose (it’s just for want of scanning that most of my drawings don’t make it to the outside world these days :p)

I’ve been sketching with a felt tip pen lately – for these little incidental sketches it’s a good fit for me. I get too involved in shading if I use a pencil – the black line forces me to catch the essential details quickly and carefully. Quickly and carefully being somewhat in opposition to each other, at least in my sketching style. But bold, purposeful lines is what I’m hoping to develop – and the black pen helps with that. It think my quick sketches have improved.

The birds were sketched from life at a little raptor talk at my local nature center, the dog is one of my pet sitting charges.


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