Duck Chronicles


jayceeparkducks_sketchesI happened upon a nice little park recently that had all the qualifications of what I like to refer to as the ~triple threat~ of sketching locations: shady benches, friendly waterfowl, nearby bathrooms.

I’d come by the park for other reasons, but once I saw that there were Canadian geese in residence, I had to pull out my sketchbook: best to enjoy the foreigners while they’re in town. These particular birds were a pleasure to sketch – they didn’t go scooting away when I walked up, like our local ducks, but sort of stood around eyeing me, then went about their business. A few, I could tell, were offended that I didn’t bring any bread for them. I wasn’t aware this was the customary modelling fee – I’ll remember that for next time.

I also saw a pair of geese that had apparently adopted a duck into their family – he followed in line with the other little grey goslings just like he was one of the bunch. Ah, the heartwarming dramas of the duck pond.







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