Penguin Days

parrotszooIt’s discount season at the zoo, and I’m taking advantage of the lower prices. Fortunately in Texas we have a few spring days tossed into the middle of winter to enjoy. This was the first time I tried gouache while out sketching – I like it a little better than watercolor because you can get some semi-opaque colors, especially lighter ones (and since I’m rubbish at preserving my whites, I need that).

The gibbons were particularly active this trip. Their forearms are disturbingly long. I mean it – google gibbons and tell me the length of their arms doesn’t creep you out just a bit.

Another fun fact I learned is that the black gibbons are the males and the golden ones are the females – I can’t think of another mammal that has that significant a color difference between sexes. That’s usually the birds’ modus operandi.

zoo_feb17_gibbon zoo_feb17_tiger zoo_feb17_tiger2


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