Yellowstone Plein Air: Mammoth Springs Overlook

ys_mammoth_pleinairThere wasn’t much time for painting on this trip, but I got a few moments in.

This one I painted while hiding behind a public restroom near Mammoth Springs. I thought the tourists would never find me there. They did, but were very polite. It does make one sympathize with the animals of Yellowstone, always trailed by the paparazzi.

On our way to Mammoth Springs we joined a group of beaver watchers on a bridge. The beaver himself kept swimming up and down the river, under the bridge and then back again. You’ve never seen so many grown adults go scurrying across a busy road, pointing and leaning over the railing. They were almost as entertaining as the beaver.









5 thoughts on “Yellowstone Plein Air: Mammoth Springs Overlook

  1. I have seen that at Yosemite… time while there visiting on motorcycles we were coming around a bend where people were scurrying across the road, the cars parked along the edges at awkward angles, at first I thought there was an accident…..nope, they spotted a young bear on a log! geez, I guess that happens if you never see wildlife, crazy how people go nuts! I see bears where I live all the time and so I guess I can’t relate, though I do love bears, one of my favorite animals….by the way, beautiful painting. 🙂

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