Tiny Sketchbook Chronicles: Old Faithful Inn

ys_geysersAfter a day in Jackson – bidding a final goodbye to our televisions, phone service and internet access – we headed into Yellowstone Park. We were lucky enough to get a night at the Yellowstone Inn, right in the geyser basin.

It hadn’t occurred to me before this trip that Yellowstone Park was a park because of its geothermic activity. When I thought Yellowstone, I thought of bears and bison. But apparently the geysers are pretty popular.

We did see a pair of river otters cavorting in the stream as we were walking the path in the basin – they didn’t stick around long enough to sketch, but it was our first big animal sighting.

We also saw a lot of bubbling, spewing, and steaming – and I heard the term “bacterial mat” used in a sentence for the first time.

I also left with a new phobia – falling into a boiling geothermic steam pot. You would be surprised how frequently that flits across your brain when you are traversing a rickety, oft times slippery, wooden pathway through a series of beautifully hued all-natural death traps.

ys_oldfaithfulinn ys_oldfaithfulinn2 ys_oldfaithfulinn3





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