Tiny Sketchbook Chronicles: Jackson, WY

ys_elkcenterSorry to have been absent so long, folks – I came back from vacation with a ton of sketches and absolutely no motivation to sit down and do the monotonous work of scanning and prepping them to post. So here, three – or four, maybe? – weeks later I’ve finally found the time.

I picked up this adorable baby sketchbook for cheap just before I left for Yellowstone – small enough to fit in my pocket. I figured I’d use it a bit on the plane, save myself room in my carry on. But, oh, did it come in handy. I ended up carrying it as my primary sketchbook – the teeny tiny size meant there was no pressure to fill a page, which made on-the-spot life sketching quicker and (bonus) less conspicuous to curious passers by.

Our first stop was in Jackson Hole, WY, where we did a lot of eating, people watching and – like true Texans – celebrating the cool weather and remarking on the fact that mountains are big.

ys_hotel1 ys_jackson ys_jacksonsquare







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