Candy Bark

pleinair_august16_backyardtreeI love light colored bark – so much color in there, especially in the late afternoon. It’s been too hot to get outdoors much, but I suffered through a half hour of sweating to catch this lovely tree in the backyard of a house I was house-sitting.

I’ve been trying to work more on my color temperatures lately, though I’ll be honest – not 100% sure I know what “color temperatures” is supposed to mean. Not that that’s ever stopped me from trying! I think, though, it has to do with defining lights and shadows without upping contrast. That’s something that’s stymied me in the past – I look at a subject and can’t seem to get it down on paper correctly without either washing out the lights or blacking out the darks – either way you lose a beautiful array of color.

Probably I should just look it up.


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