Character Development

LC_charactersketchI was organizing my old sketchbooks recently when I ran across some early sketches of this little baby crocodile I’ve been drawing for awhile -you may have seen him on the blog before, here.

The funny thing is that in my head, I’ve been drawing him the same all these years. But looking at my first sketches, the intermediate scribbles, and what I’ve been sketching recently – they’re all totally different. I can see my art evolving in front of me.

I thought it’d be fun to post a through-the-years look at my little croc.

LC_thumbs3babycroc_wormbabycroc_wrongwormjaguarundiAdobe Photoshop PDF

These are the oldest sketches I’ve got – and the subsequent paintings that came out of them. I was super proud of the detail and rendering in these – now, looking at them, I can see I was overdoing it on the details to make up for wobbly anatomy. Whoops.



This marks the second round of sketches and illustrations – he’s getting a little more pulled together, a little more consistent.


And here he is at the present – and aren’t I a proud mama? I hope he keeps growing – who knows what he’ll look like next?











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