Crazy Ants

pleinair_ants_july16They say the key to good brush strokes is a sense of urgency – well nothing says urgency like an army of crazy ants bearing down on you like water from a broken dam.

This is how it went down:

I had settled into a nice little spot on top of some dead grass (mistake #1) and started sketching in my scene. After a few minutes I noticed some ants crawling along my toes, not unusual. I decide to press on (mistake #2). I begin to block in my colors in paint – now I notice that there are a good amount of ants running hither thither all over one side of my blanket. Probably they smell sweat. No problem, I can keep going (mistake #3). The third time I look down I notice that the number of ants on my blanket has reached a level I will refer to as “horrifying”. It’s now that I notice that there are ants pouring towards me from the grass next to the blanket. Not a line of ants. A wave of ants. There is a five foot span of dry grass in every direction and no matter which way I look I can see the manic scurrying of crazy ants literally covering ever inch of it – and they’re scurrying towards me.

I swear those weren’t there when I sat down.

Needless to say, I moved after that (good decision #1).








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