This little beach tree goes down in history as the last thing I painted before finding out that the Texas redheaded centipede exists.

Now, you know – I like bugs. I’m very used to bugs.

I just didn’t understand that bugs got that big outside of…you know, the amazon river basin. I was a little concerned to find a 6 inch monster bug trying to climb up my shorts.

Fortunately he was just as shocked to see me and we both went scrambled away from each other as fast as we could.

I did, however, keep a watchful eye for the remainder of my painting session, and I will think twice before sitting on the ground in the Austin area. Yikes.






3 thoughts on “Yikes

  1. So very little surprises me, but this is off the charts. I’m not sure I’d be able to continue painting. Glad I’ve been to Austin before I knew these were there. Beautiful city. Nasty bugs. ….and aren’t centipedes poisonous???

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