Big Brush

lightshafts_pleinair_july16 I started this painting with a huge brush – a inch and half wide acrylic for a 9 x 12 canvas. I wanted to capture the soft transitions I see in some people’s plein air work.

I like the sort of sketchy result. Of course, half of that was due to being late for dinner. Really ought to give myself more time when I go out painting.






4 thoughts on “Big Brush

      1. I always love your paintings, you have such an eye for foliage, shapes and light. Weirdly, and simultaneously to your experiments, I’ve been conversing with a friend on the infra-red levels of plants (sparked by some infra-red photos), and how adding a little red to greens brings them extra life. It’s all starting to make sense, and your lovely pictures are confirming it! 🙂

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