Painting on Red

treeinfrontofdeep_pleinair_june16Tried painting on a red background for this piece, which is a thing I did a lot when I painted in oils, but haven’t tried much in acrylics. The upside to a colored ground (as they call it in the fancy painting books) is that it lends some vibrancy to your painting and can help unify the colors. A red ground for a painting of green trees is going to have a little more energy, owing to the little spots of red that peek through and contrast with the greens and blues. As an added bonus, it can help your finished product look a little more finished – white canvas or paper peeking through tend to leave a painting look amateur and incomplete.

The one thing to look out for is a painting turning out too dark, or too tinted. This one came out a little dull and orangey for my taste, but I enjoyed the process enough to try it again soon.

One last ~Pro Tip~ of the day: some ants really love the smell of sweat, apparently, and will crawl into your shoes while you’re painting barefoot. Always check your shoes, kids.


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