Little Tree

lightonleaves_pleinair_june16When I saw this little tree catching the light, I almost didn’t paint it. I’ve tried subjects like this before and they’re a pain – all those little green leaves against a backdrop of even more green tends to just dissolve into a unreadable mess. But there it was, begging to be painted – I had to give it another try.

So this time I approached it like an abstract subject – laying in the different colors and tones without paying much mind to what particularly I was painting – leaves, branches, background. It wasn’t until the very end that I picked out a few leaf shapes to define the tree itself, bringing it out of the background as the focal point. I like the painterly feel that this approach gave the final product – I’ll have to try it again sometime.


8 thoughts on “Little Tree

  1. what a good exercise because if you think about it, there is always something that isn’t quite defined enough when you go to paint…..nice that you persisted. I took a look at your blog yesterday, I love your style and you paint consistently en plein air, that is a wonderful skill, my favorite way to paint….

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