fingerpaint_pleinair_june16If I had to guess, I would say that rule number one of plein air painting would probably be “don’t lose track of your lights and darks”, but that’s only because “bring your paintbrushes” was a given.


Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve hiked all the out to the field only to come up a few supplies short – you may remember that time I forgot the color blue. In the past I’ve also forgotten my palette (mixed my paints on scrap paper) my paint water (borrowed some from a creek) and my bug spray (got a lot of rashes) – but paintbrushes proved a little tricky to do without. Luckily for me my inner five year old is alive and kicking and always willing to get her fingers dirty. I actually felt like I took a little more time with the color mixing and was a little more methodical in my approach when I was having to mix with my fingers, not to mention it was easier to keep the paints thick and texture rich. It felt a lot more like oil painting, actually. Not that I’m endorsing brushless painting. Bring your brushes, kids. They help.


4 thoughts on “Fingerpainting

  1. I absolutely love your improvising, I often freak out and check my supplies. I have left before without paper, no fun. Look at the determination and here you have a painting. I kind of like the finger marks 🙂

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