New Spot

lightedtree_acrylic_may16I’ve tried on several occasions to paint on this side of the field – it is, however, the stomping ground of what seems to be the entire ant population of Texas. It consists of a mound of industrial garbage covered over by decades of dead grass – prime ant headquarters. After a few traumatic experiences (being trapped on a concrete slab, watching ants swarm the grass I just leapt out of; desperately trying to finish a sketch while crazy ants play tag up and down my legs; finding an army of ants attending their aphid farm – did you know that ants herd and “milk” aphids for their secretions? Sweet thought, but a terrifying thing to see when you’re leaning in to smell a sunflower) I decided to stay on the safe side and keep out of enemy territory.

BUT, it seems like the ants haven’t come out of hibernation yet, so I’ve been stealing a few moments painting a new set of trees. I may be tempting fate, but these trees are really pretty.


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