Tricked Again

backllittree_acrylic_may16How many times will I have to be beguiled into starting a painting facing directly into the sun before I learn? The sun moves. And no matter how pretty it looks peaking out from behind the trees, it’s not worth your retinas, Jaimie, it’s not. Anyway, finished this one in a rush both because the sun was punishing me and also because a stinging fly was making a nuisance of himself. I tried to catch the corona effect once the sun finally found a hole in the leaves – I think I managed it pretty well considering I couldn’t see the paper half the time thanks to the glowing purple hole burned into the back of my eyeballs.


6 thoughts on “Tricked Again

  1. Beautiful painting, Jaimie! Hahaha we all make mistakes don’t we? Also, have I mentioned before that your writing is lovely?? If I haven’t, I’m mentioning it now. Especially this post. It’s pretty swell šŸ˜‰

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