Too Beautiful

fullgreenandclouds_pleinair_april16I haven’t been able to turn out as many post-worthy paintings these past few weeks and I blame this spring weather.

It is just too nice.

I mean how am I expected to concentrate on painting when there are little fluffs of cottonwood seed wafting down from the trees, turning golden in the sun like some kind of fairy dust, and clouds in the sky so mountainous and fluffy and pink they look like they came out of a Pixar movie? I can’t! I spend at least half my time out in the field these days staring at the little yellow flowers, the waves of grass, the tiny mushrooms. Yesterday a butterfly landed on my arm and tickled me with his ittle curly-cue tongue. A butterfly, people. Licked me. Negative distractions I can bear – those can be ignored – but you’ve got to be some kind of monster to ignore a butterfly giving your fluttersome kisses on the fly.

And I am no monster.

So, sorry for the lack of content, folks – just wait until summer and things are a little less picturesque.


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