Having Nothing to Say Related to the Picture, I Discourse on Spiders

lightedtree_acrylic_april16Are you ready for MORE GREEN? Because that’s all I’ve got, ladies and gentlemen – lots and lots of green. But in addition to all that green, I’d like to report that the bugs are back and in full swing and…I actually sort of missed them. The constant hum of crickets and cicada’s, little butterflies and mayflies fluttering through the thick grass – and, who could forget, the friendly, neighborhood spiders!

There’s something terribly empowering about learning to have a spider crawl across your leg without spasming. Allow me to scientifically categorize the spiders I have been lucky enough to observe in my adventures:

The I-WILL-Crawl-On-You-Just-Try-and-Stop-Me Spider: this little fellow is dead set on crawling all over you and anything you’ve brought with you – he is the denizen of picnic benches, and parks. Try and brush him off and he will bungee away on a string of web only to crawl back later when you’ve stopped looking for him. At this point he will wiggle his tiny forelegs menacingly at you, as if to shame you for your inhospitable treatment.

The King-of-the-World Spider: this little guy likes to systematically climb to the top of each blade of grass and wave his little legs at the sky. What does it mean? Is he angry? Is he trying to communicate? Is he shaking his tiny fist at the world in existential fury? We’ll never know.

The Super-Speedy-Oh-Shiii-How-Did-You-Get-There Spider: By the time you see these little guys they will be sitting on your shoulder, crawling up your leg or stretching a web across your bag – and did I mention they are alarmingly large? They are alarmingly large. They will, however, always seems as shocked as you are to find themselves in such a compromising position, and will sometimes attempt escape by crawling frighteningly fast further up your leg or into your hair.


10 thoughts on “Having Nothing to Say Related to the Picture, I Discourse on Spiders

  1. How do you get all those greens? It’s a mystery to me, but I love them and the sunlight you’ve created here. As for spiders, I have yet to reach the stage of tolerance… 🙂

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