Further Thoughts on Green

treeandbushyhill_march16I feel like I’ve waxed on about the greeness of spring a few posts too many, so…….take a look at how grey that trunk is?

I don’t know, guys, I’m still rolling in the green, but I’ve run out of clever things to say about it. I keep waiting for the ants and mosquitoes to come on the scene so I can write up some mildly amusing anecdotes on those. Until then you’re just going to have brace yourselves for more commentary on how green leaves are. They’re very green.

To be specific, there are four seperate levels of greeness. First is the Super-Green: that is the hyper saturated color of leaves backlit by the sun. Neon. The second is Reflecty-Green: that is the washed out pale green of a leaf reflecting the sun towards you. Third is the Midshadow-Green: that is the color of leaves in the shadows that are not being lit by the sun but are still catching enough atmospheric light to have a bluish green tint. The final green is the Deepshadow-Green: that is for the almost black spaces where the light gets absorbed between leaves and the darkest shadows lie. It sounds much cooler that it is. Well, it’s still pretty cool. If you have a thing for leaves.


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