Extended Study

trunktexture_pleinair_feb16Is it just me or is the lighting better in the mild months? I’ve always noticed the light change in fall, but this is the first time I’ve really appreciated it in spring. Something about the tilt of it. Then again, it might just be that there’s green on the ground again for the light to play with, and the weather’s nice enough that I can have thoughts other than why’s-it-so-cold and why-didn’t-I-bring-a-thicker-jacket.

I did this sketch over a couple days – the pencils one day, the base colors the next, finishing details on a third. It was nice to stretch one out for once and feel leisurely enough to notice some details I might not have otherwise. I don’t know that the product was much better for it – there’s something in the quality of a quick, intuitive sketch that’s hard to capture in a longer study – but it was a fun departure.


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