Sunday Afternoon at the Zoo

dallaszoo_feb16_elephantsTook another trip to the zoo today to take advantage of the cheap winter admission and the sparse Superbowl crowd. It was just a short trip, so I didn’t get too many good sketches – but the elephants and giraffes were cooperative, as they usually are. Leave it to the large, slow-moving beasts to be the best models – you’ll never get as good a sketch off a lemur or a meerkat. It must have been an off time for the animals because I’ve never seen quite so much tongue lolling, luxuriant stretching and, well…pooping. I may be toeing the line of over-nerdiness, but it’s actually a little fascinating to see how different animals relieve themselves. Warthogs, for the record, will lay down right in their own business. And ocelots and lions look exactly like your run-of-the-mill house cat in a litter box – except the lions don’t bother to bury it afterward. They wouldn’t. Lions. That’s like the feline version of leaving the toilet seat up.



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