Rabbit Run: final


Well, I finally got it scanned. I had a lot a fun with the colors on this one, trying to take a rabbit’s natural coloring and push the saturation a bit. This is the first large scale acrylic illustration I’ve done in awhile – in some ways it proved easier and in some harder. The details were much quicker to add – I had fun with patterning the fur and ground textures, which is something I don’t think I would have though of if I was working in slow-drying oil. The fast dry time made me a little bolder, I think. Of course, it’s harder to get subtle gradations between colors and values – so a lot of those details were put in as a way to blend one area to the next more naturally. All in all, it was quicker and less fussy than oil, and I will definitely try it again. There are some more bunnies coming, too, so brace yourself for that.


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