pleinair_twotrees_nov15I was pretty content with this little scene I was painting – it had a nice play of light and shadows, the branches were interesting. Then about 20 minutes in the sun started breaking through the clouds overhead and lighting up the leaves like ..like what? Like glitter, or Christmas lights or some other mesmerizing thing. And in those situations, you always have a choice – do I chase the will-0-whisps deep into the forest of you-changed-your-lighting-now-you-have-to-repaint-everything or do I stay stolidly on the path of this-is-my-painting-and-I’m-sticking-to-it? Change the lighting and you mess up your value and color relationships. But stick to the path and the magic of the incidental light is lost forever. I strayed a little – tossed in some bright yellows sparks of light. It was fun, but I think the painting suffered from it – got too confusing and fussy. Ah, maybe someday I’ll learn.


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