F4F_nestI was experimenting with something a little different, here – something between realistic and abstracted, observational and illustrative. I love stylization in illustration, and abstraction in design, but I can never bring myself to abandon realism completely. I just enjoy the natural details too much, especially in animal subjects. But I thought I might bring those two worlds together more in my art. I used the bold, painterly strokes I’ve been practicing in my plein air work – the kind that seem random but always lend themselves to the building of a realistic subject. I tried to push them a little further towards a decorative pattern without compromising their realistic qualities, making them more abstract the further from the focal point they got. I kept the focal point, the bird, very realistic, though loosely rendered – I wanted it to have a the photographic effect of becoming less focused around the edges and unimportant details, using pattern and abstraction rather than blur as an indicator.

Anyway, I know that was all very technical and fun – in parting, I enjoyed this experimentation and style and I may try it more in the future.


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