The last of It

ghostranch_sketchWell, I’ve come to the end of my Santa Fe sketches. It’s a surprise to me how far they stretched – for a vacation, I got a lot of work done! But I love the feeling of having a few dozen pages of my sketchbook filled, and all the better if they double as souvenirs. Looking at all the stuff I managed to sketch and observe, it makes me feel bad for not doing more of that in my own town. I mean, I get out to paint, yes, but I don’t do as much incidental drawing. Its been over a month since I got back and my sketchbook has been in my purse the whole time – but my New Mexico sketches are still the last ones in the book. It almost makes me wish I had to sit on subways or wait at bus stops more often. I need more dead time in which I can doodle. But maybe now that weather is cooling off I can get out to the parks, or the zoo, or sit in a coffee shop sipping hot cocoa while sketch-sniping other patrons. Of course, I had plans for that last year and didn’t get a lot of it done. We’ll see, we’ll see.

treesketch  memorysketch memorysketch2


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