This is a frustrating piece –  I remember very clearly thinking I’d really captured the scene well, but when I was unpacking my paintings after coming home it took me a day or two to even remember where I’d painted it. It has all the components of the roadside overlook I was trying to paint – the light coming in from the left, the distant peaks, the back-lit hill in the middle ground and the sunbathed weeds and grasses in the foreground. But what made the actual outlook so worth looking at was the sense of depth in the receding hills and the golden atmosphere made by the sunset. I don’t think this piece managed to catch either of those qualities. I’m going to blame the swarm of mosquitos that discovered me 15 minutes into painting – they fell in like a pack of wolves. I’ve never met a breed of mosquito so keen on assaulting my face, I’m surprised I didn’t streak myself with paint trying to bat them away from my eyes.


4 thoughts on “Overlook

  1. I wonder if you go back in and bring some strong contrasting yellow back there if you want make distinct a focal point on the horizon with a bold line or two if it might be as simple as that to make your visual point

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