The Other Side


As it goes with painting, whatever you decide to focus on, you can bet you’re leaving something wonderful out, just beyond the picture plain. As I was finishing my painting of the mountain from Hills and Plains, and packing away my things, I saw that behind me, on the other side of the highway, was beautiful field of bushy yellow flowers, two stands of distant trees, and mountains even more distant and more purple than the ones I’d just finished painting. I wanted to whip my stuff back out and paint again – but my mom was in the car, quickly burning through the books she’d brought from home, and possibly, though unconfirmed, twiddling her thumbs. So I loaded back into the car, and we went sight seeing instead. Luckily for me, the sights we visited were further apart and not as numerous as we’d planned on – by late afternoon my mom was ready for a nap, and I took my leave to paint this field before the light faded.

Of course, when I was packing my things, I turned around to find a perfectly picturesque moon, behind a bank of dramatic clouds. And that mountain looked amazing at night. I had half a mind to set up again and try my hand at a nocturne, right then and there – but I decided wandering alone on a backwoods highway after dark was pushing my luck, and took a picture instead.


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