Remember, folks – just because it’s fun for you, doesn’t mean it’s fun for your pets! Dragons are sensitive to strong lights and sounds – do your dragon a favor and leave him home this New Years.

This has been a public service announcement from Better Bestiary.

I’ve been working on some digital paintings for a personal project. Digital painting has always been a bit of a bugbear for me – I started my foray into painting digitally in high school when I got my first tablet, but I switched back to traditional methods after college because I couldn’t stand being in front of a screen for so many hours on end. I love working with real paint and real canvas…but… it’s nice to be able to dive straight into an idea without having to prep a canvas, seal a drawing, let an under-painting dry. This isn’t the first time I’ve dabbled back into digital painting, and I think I get happier with it each time I try – though I think there’s still a textural quality in traditional paintings that I can’t quite replicate. The interchange is nice, though – there’s so much that I’ve learned through traditional mediums that’s made me a better digital painter – and digital painting allows so much freedom that I can experiment more and stretch the muscles that will eventually help me break new ground in my traditional work. That’s the idea, at least!


3 thoughts on “Startled

  1. I feel like I can relate to what you said about sitting in front of the screen for so long – I haven’t touched my tablet for a long time for that reason as well! This is such an amazing digital painting, and I think it really does show that your technique, layers and color choices have translated from your traditional paintings. Such a cute dragon by the way + firecrackers are on point 😀

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