Purple and Gold

sunrisefield_august15I almost missed this sunrise. I hit the snooze alarm twice, which with sunrises is a no-no – those ten minutes are the difference between pretty clouds and normal clouds. But I aimed myself in the direction of the closest field and made it just in time for the color: purple and gold. These clouds were spread across the whole horizon, but frustratingly enough I was pinned in by warehouses and couldn’t get back far enough to take it all in. I envy those painters that have a countryside at their disposal. The suburban painter’s patches of nature don’t lend themselves to grand,  panoramic vistas – unless you want to paint a housing development or a warehouse.


5 thoughts on “Purple and Gold

  1. Well, I think that even with the inconvenient of the warehouses you got a beautiful result. You captured the moment leaving out all the details and gaining the power of light and its atmosphere! I love your paintings

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