Beach Bums

destin_beachIf you have a desire to sketch a lot of backs, butts and sunglasses, get yourself to a beach. Despite the fact that everyone will inevitably be facing away from you, the beach is actually a great place to do figure drawing – most everyone’s wearing skintight clothes and quite a few people will be sprawled out motionless for extended periods of time. And there are kids and older people aplenty – and bodies of all shapes and sizes. That can be hard to find in a figure drawing class. Of course you’ll have to deal with the frustration of having your models run off to build a sand castle or flip over to sun their other side – but nothing’s perfect.


7 thoughts on “Beach Bums

  1. So awesome! Thank you for sharing, it makes me want to get to a beach and people watch. Looking at your sketches is really enjoyable because they capture movement and the setting so well – I feel like I’m seeing it too.

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