destin_clearday2 Well, I guess I’ll have to call it – it’s summer. I’ve been on a beach. I’ve gotten a sunburn.

A few friends and I rented a condo in Destin, Florida for the week and I took the opportunity to do some painting beach side – a pastime, I find, I quite enjoy. After fussing so long over the tangle of branches and leaves and grasses that is the suburban Texas landscape, the simple, horizontal, emerald green scape of the coast was a breeze.

And the clouds! In Texas we’re lucky to get a few puffs here and there, but in Destin everyday brought new towering heaps of them rolling across the horizon like floats on parade. It was enough to make me internally squeal with duel delight and frustration – too many things, too many things! And I only brought seven canvases! I could have painted a dozen, one right after the other, and not run out of beautiful things to transcribe.destin_clearday1


7 thoughts on “Destin

  1. I miss my painting partner, you should just set up a stand and spend the summer there, you could make enough off your paintings to pay for the trip and come back with pocket money. The best, Andy

    PS, of coarse there good!

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