Late May

cactusflower_sketch_may15 I won’t regale you with the continuing sagas of the not-so-useful sketchbook – today I choose to complain about the weather. It’s hot! It’s not actually. It’s 85, which in Texas qualifies for a cool day. But we’ve been lucky with the weather so far, and we haven’t had to endure any summer heat yet, so I’m complaining all the same. It’s also humid, which means you can’t tell if the ticklish feeling running down your back is ants or sweat – but you’re hoping it’s sweat.

But, the cactus flowers are blooming and I didn’t even know we had cactus flowers around here. I’ll say that in my exploration of plein air painting, I’ve found that while being outside everyday brings it’s own array of troubles – ants, sweat, bull nettle burns – it also brings a whole new calender of things to look forward to. Now I know that the thistles, firewheels and cactus flowers bloom in late May, just as the blackberries are ripening. I feel like a proper naturalist already.




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