A Slight Delay

treeincreek_watercolor_may15This is a scene I would have painted two days ago, but I had a slight delay. You see, as I was scouting out a place to sit, a patch of wild blackberries lured me like a pack of fruity sirens into spending my painting time gathering them. You can see the red ones just by the tree trunk, cascading down the creek bank – the tricky devils. After a half hour discovering one vine after another, I had a shirt-full of ripe berries and the juice stains to match – but no sketches. I did manage to scribble a few things after that, but I had to settle for a simpler subject as the sun was getting a little low. Though I think the blackberry cobbler we ate that night might have made up for it.

Fortunately the sun peeked out a bit yesterday and I managed to find the spot again and paint it properly this time – knowing, happily, that all the best of the berries had been picked.


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