New Sketchbook

tallstems_watercolor_may15As fortune would have it, I ran out of room in my old field sketchbook just as I was getting the hang of painting in it. The new one I’ve got has completely different paper – it soaks in water like a sponge despite the package saying it’s good for light washes. The last paper I had hardly absorbed anything, so I got used to being able to do big washes and blending while things were still wet – doing that with this new paper?

Ha, ha, no. It’s going to take a re-haul of my watercolor methods, but I’m determined not to buy another one.

And boy, did I pick a dozy of a subject to try it out on. I think I’ll be less frustrated with a simpler subject, but these plants looked delightfully complicated and I was feeling a little over-confidant. I’ll say that the extra absorbent paper makes putting in darks easier – though when they dry they look a little faded because all the pigment sinks in. Anyway, maybe this new method will be a good stretch – since my strokes are a little more permanent, I’ll have to be a little more accurate, at least!


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