Blue Trunk

bluetree_watercolor_may15I had to suffer to paint this tree. It was so situated that the only vantage point I could find was in the sun and in the tall grass – sugar ant territory.

But it was so pretty, the bark looked so blue.

Sugar ants are infuriating. You can’t even be mad at them, all they do is tickle you – and they’re kind of cute, teeny tiny as they are. But when a dozen of them make a habit zig-zagging across your knees when you don’t have a free hand to brush them off with, it makes it hard to concentrate. So this lovely tree didn’t exactly get the watercolor treatment it deserved – the bark’s too dark, limbs are too one dimensional, it’s not as pretty and purple as the real deal was. Maybe I’ll try and find a better spot to paint it from at a later date and try and do it justice. One with fewer ants.


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