Little Things

butterfly_sketch_april15There are a lot of little things you miss when you look at the big picture. It’s a hard choice for me, when I first pull out my sketchbook, whether I’m going to focus on what’s growing up close, or set my eyes on something in the distance – you learn different things from each, and they’re both good, and there are a million things to occupy your attention no matter which you choose – but you do have to choose. If you paint that tree at the end of the field, you’re going to miss the flowers and the lady bugs crawling right in front of you. If you draw the ladybugs, you miss the tree. Sometimes I start sketching one only to find myself wistfully glancing at the other, wondering if I should turn the page and start again. But you get everyday to draw (or at least I do!) so you just have to stick to your decisions and save the rest for later.

Image (431)fieldgrass_sketches



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