Herpetology in the Park

turtleandsnake_april15I was hiking one of our local trails when a little slider turtle caught my attention. He was trying to stealthily make his way back to the creek side, but, being a turtle, stealth was not his forte – I managed to scoop him up before he made it. While I sat in the underbrush sketching my new friend, I kept hearing this swishing sound coming from the grass on my right side. Finally I turned to see what the rustling was and found myself looking at a wide-eyed little snake – quite as surprised to see me as I was to see him. Not wanting to pass up my opportunity to sketch my second wild reptile in a day, I very s-l-owly turned to grab my pencils and reposition my sketchbook. The little guy had made a quick u-turn and was about to make his exit when I turned back around. Fortunately, in a odd game of red-light-green-light, he wouldn’t budge as long as I was looking at him – so I managed to get a good sketch in before he finally beat a hasty retreat.


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