Time Warp

springgreen_pleinair2  I painted these in march and they got lost in the shuffle – so they’re a little behind the times for Texas, but maybe spring is still green and budding in the rest of the country. You can see, now, why by April I’d run out of yellow. But looking at these today, I see that I was being much more skimpy with my paint in march – the strokes are more defined by thin, washy paint rather than by bold strokes. It goes more for accuracy,I guess, but I don’t think these quite have the same painterly quality as the ones I did post-retreat. And the buds, despite my best efforts, still look like random dabs of paint – that’s what they are, of course, but I was hoping to somehow channel those plein air masters who can dab with precision and come out with convincing foliage. Didn’t quite hit the mark in these, but in future paintings, ~maybe.



2 thoughts on “Time Warp

  1. Although you don’t think they’re your best, I think they’re still bright and beautiful. Every step of the way is a learning experience and makes you improve in the long run 🙂

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