New Tenents

blackberryblossoms_watercolorLooks like I’ll be picking wild blackberries this summer, if I can remember to come back for them at the right time. These white flowers just sprang up without my noticing. I went away for the weekend and it was like coming back to a new field – every tree is bushy with leaves and the ground is covered with new flowers. It’s strange to walk around under tree shadows where it used to be open and light. It happens every year, of course, but I guess I haven’t noticed it before. Winter seemed so long this year, maybe on account of my being out of doors for more of it than usual. I hope the practice has the same effect on spring – I’d like it to last a good long time.


3 thoughts on “New Tenents

  1. This is so beautiful! I grew up with wild blackberries growing all over and we absolutely loved it–the big juicy blackberry cobblers mom would make are a favorite childhood memory. Your painting captures it so beautifully–I love your style!

    1. Thank you! I wish we’d have enough for a cobbler! Somehow the birds always get to them before we do, though, so we just get a handful to enjoy. But I guess the birds gotta eat, too, so I won’t complain :p

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