Shifting Shadows

creek_pleinairWhen I started painting this stream, I anticipated that the water effects would be difficult to capture, however it was the shadows that proved too fleeting to catch. I would look at my canvas one moment, then look up and the shadow I was painting would be two or three inches away from where I just put it – maddening. I’ve read you’re supposed to paint in your shadows first and stick to them, but those crafty shadows lured me into their game of cat and mouse and before I knew it I was painting and repainting and painting again. The poor water effects took a back burner – I wish I’d let those shadows run and payed a little more attention to the sunlight on the water, but I guess I’ll have to leave that for the next time the creek is up.


7 thoughts on “Shifting Shadows

  1. Very good painting, it looks really natural with all the different tones! I think you did a great job. The struggle you had with the shadows doesn’t show to me at all and is probably why this painting is so interesting.

      1. Good!:) Something completely off says here in my stats screen that your address is, but that should be right? Thought i should let you know., Cheers!

  2. The shadows was the first thing that caught my eye. They are a wonderful complement to all the warmer tones and they totally lift your painting. After these thoughts, I read your text 🙂 Really nice work there!

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