Snow Day

snowday_pleinair1 Friday marked our single annual allotment of snow for the year in Texas. I watched the snow piling up in the morning and thought, well, at least I don’t have to go outside. I checked the temperature and it read 27 and I thought, what a good thing I don’t have to be out in this. I drove in the stop and go traffic and told myself I absolutely was going straight home to get cozy and work on some projects and I was absolutely not going outside.

When I started stuffing my paintbrushes and sketchbooks in my bag, I thought, I’m just going to stay in the car and I certainly won’t be going outside. When I put on five layers and shoved my feet and two pairs of socks into my snow boots, I thought, I’ll just be out for a bit to get some reference photos then it’ll be back in the warm car for me.

Finally, as I was setting up my easel in a snowdrift, fending off snow with a broken umbrella and watching kids throw snowballs at each other in the park, I thought – what a wonderful day to be outside. And though my paints got covered with snow and my feet got cold and wet and my car battery died, I still think it was a beautiful day to be outside.



7 thoughts on “Snow Day

    1. Thanks! I’ve been trying to get out in all seasons this past year – I just started getting into the swing of it when winter started, so we’ll see how I fair in spring and summer. I think summer’s going to be a challenge, as it gets pretty hot down here!

      1. Yeah, no doubt. I can’t take the heat, so I’m hoping I can still draw outside in the summer this year, but I’m not planning on it! Probably just spring and fall and then early winter until busy season gets started. I really admire what you do, and you connect to the trees so well. I can feel the love in your trees. πŸ™‚

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