Snowed In

daisies_watercolor Well, the weather took a turn for the worse – below freezing is just too cold for me, even if there is a little snow on the ground to make up for it. But in a nice turn of events, Valentine’s and two birthday’s this month have left the house full of flowers – so though I’m stuck inside, I can still make a pretty good study of nature.

Grocery-store-bouquet nature, but nature all the same.




6 thoughts on “Snowed In

      1. They really inspire me to spend more time and energy on them. I’d love to be able to capture the essence of a flower without fussing (and flubbing) needless detail. I should check out your page next time I sit down to try again!

      2. Your details look terrific. I know if I tried to do something like this right now, it wouldn’t be proportionate. I’m better off with impressionistic flowers for now. Have you been working at flowers for long, or do these beauties just fly off your brush?

      3. I’ve done a few paintings of flowers before, and done a lot of pencil sketches, so I’d had some practice with them. But I also did a bit of sketching before moving onto the watercolor – watercolor is hard enough on its own, so it’s good to get familiar with your subject before you dive in :3

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