An Elephant departure

elephantsun_smallFeeling a little cramped this winter, I decided to try and loosen things up in my studio work  by exploring a less constricting style – bigger canvases, expressive strokes, abstracted colors – I feel better already.

Since reading The Jungle Book had me on an India kick, I went with elephants for my first subject. But I’ve been enjoying the style shift, so it’s a fair bet that you’ll be seeing more colorful, whimsical animals in the coming months. Be excited!

elephantsketches Image (278)


2 thoughts on “An Elephant departure

    1. Thank you! I found them hard to get the hang of, as well! They’ve got so many odd bumps and wrinkles – they’re not quite like any other animal in the way their heads and bodies are constructed. But they’re so oddly adorable, they’re worth the effort!

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