branchytree_penandinkWaiting impatiently for the leaves to return, there’s not much else to do but study tree trunks. I guess this is a forced anatomical discipline – like being forced to draw that hanging skeleton in the corner of the art room for the first three assignments in art 101. But that’s ungenerous – these trunks have been a lot more exciting to draw than Mr. Bones ever was. But I do look forward to spring, to see if my practiced knowledge of tree skeletons has improved my painting of them fully clothed.



3 thoughts on “Trunks

    1. I’m glad they inspire you! Trees take awhile to really understand, but if you really get into sketching them from life, you start to get a feeling for how they work and grow – and then you’ll be hooked, like me! ;3

      1. I also love the way you do your backgrounds. They’re just enough to give a nice backdrop to the subject. I love learning from the other artists here. I hope I will be hooked on trees one day! :))

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