flowers_penandinkAlthough these didn’t turn out too bad, I think I’ve learned a lesson in working with pen and ink: pick a focal point and stick to it, don’t go scribbling lines over every little detail. It took me so long do get things inked in that I missed the lighting effects I was hoping to catch in the watercolor, and I think everything looks a bit cluttered at the end of it. Neither the lines nor the washes have room to shine. So, from now on – important things in full detail and focus, ancillary things washed in – framing, not distracting.



8 thoughts on “Clutter

    1. Thanks! I’m not disappointed in these, but I feel like I’ve done stronger ones in the past. Analyzing these just made it clear to me what I liked better about the strong ones – so hopefully I can reproduce it the next time I pull out my pens 🙂

  1. Your landscape at the bottom is great. Love those trees both the detailed focal ones and the less defined background ones. Your shadowing is nice too.

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