Plein Air Professionalism


pleinair2_jan2015 Well, despite the teeth-chattering, finger numbing start to January we’ve had here in Texas (Don’t even, northerners, I’m aware that 40 is a balmy warm front for you – my delicate southern constitution doesn’t tolerate the chill), I was bound and determined to make it out afield and try out the new pochade box I got for Christmas. I can gladly report that I feel 98% more professional pulling myself up to a proper easel rather than balancing my canvases on my knees with a jar of turpenoid in my shoe. And, who knows, now that I’ve got a setup more becoming of an artist, I might even dare to paint somewhere where there are people around.pleinair1_jan2015


2 thoughts on “Plein Air Professionalism

  1. Beautiful paintings and congrats on the new pochade box! No need to worry about the passers-by, you’ll get used to them, and for me they actually make it more fun when they stop to admire or chat. As for 40s being cold….I’m a northerner who lived in Texas for a bit, so I’ve seen first hand how the warm coats come out once it hits 50 or below 😉 …so I won’t give you a hard time.

    1. Thanks! I’m getting used to the people bit by bit, but I still find myself setting up in bushes and behind trees to hide ;3 I guess I’ll play the elusive artist until I can get my confidence up!

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